About dream leisure club


The Dream Leisure Club timeshare module is a type of ‘Vacation Ownership’ and investment in lifestyle.

The Vacation Ownership is the proven way of saving yourself from inflation stay and a lifetime series of fabulous vacations for you and your family. Own your vacations without renting an apartment or villa or spending high money each year on a hotel. 

In the Timeshare module, all you have to do is make a one-time purchase of the number of weeks you wish to spend annually and enjoy the benefits of owning the luxurious vacations at your chosen resort without any restrictions and just at a fraction of cost.

At The Dream Leisure Club, we render vacation ownership that delivers you an astounding selection of destinations across the country. Our membership ensures that you’ll always have a pleasant stay with a high standard of accommodation at a different time of the year, another location, or both.

It is highly lucrative and cost-effective as there you only have to pay an annual contribution to the total overhead.  

The benefits of owning our Timeshare Ownership are it is legally abided, and more significantly, you can exchange it, or rent it, or sell it, or lend it to your friends and, also, include it in your will.